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Knowles Science Teaching Foundation Fellowship


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Who Can Apply: US and Foreign Citizens – Seniors, Recent Grads, Graduate Students (Most recent degree must have been received within the past 5 years)

IMPORTANT: Applicants must have earned at least a bachelor's degree in a biological science, physical science, mathematics or engineering.

IMPORTANT: Individuals with no formal education coursework or experience in teaching are encouraged to apply.

IMPORTANT: Fellows can teach at any U.S. high school -- public, private, charter or parochial; urban, rural, or suburban -- as long as they teach within the subject area of their certification.

Description: The Knowles Teaching Fellowship is designed to address the challenge of recruiting, retaining and improving the skills of high school science and mathematics teachers. Research indicates that among key challenges facing beginning teachers in science and mathematics are a sense of professional isolation and a lack of support and mentoring. The KSTF Teaching Fellowship program was explicitly designed to meet these needs of beginning high school science and mathematics teachers as they earn a teaching credential and through the early years of their career.

KSTF Teaching Fellows are young men and women who have received a bachelor's or advanced degree in science, engineering or mathematics and are committed to teaching high school science and/or mathematics in U.S. schools. The fellowship supports them professionally and financially for up to five years through a teacher preparation program to eligibility for tenure. During the initial academic year of the fellowship, fellows typically participate in a recognized teacher credentialing program. After receiving a teaching credential and beginning a career in teaching, fellows continue to receive training and support. Throughout the five-year fellowship, fellows develop into a community of scholars of high school science and mathematics teaching - confident in their own teaching abilities, able to support each other, and ready to act as leaders in science and mathematics education.

Program Preferences: The teaching fellow is expected to have exceptional content knowledge in science or mathematics.

Fellows can articulate reasons for choosing high school science or mathematics teaching and have realistic ideas about the work of teachers.

Fellows demonstrate mastery of written and oral communication, as evidenced in essays and in speech during phone interviews, casual conversations and in-person interviews. They possess skills critical for teaching, such as the ability to plan and be flexible, deal with failure and learn from new situations.

Fellows show potential as leaders through previous leadership roles, including positions of accountability, demonstrated initiative and the ability to be a team player. Fellows are well-rounded individuals who have shown commitment and achievement in a variety of endeavors

Award Amount: Teaching fellows receive both financial and professional support for up to five years while enrolled in a teacher credential program and during the first few years of teaching.

Duration: The fellowship is renewable for up to five years.

National Deadline: November 1, 2015, 11:59 pm PST.

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